Superstars is based on an innovative new staffing model. We provide clients with a curated pool of talent drawn from an exclusive network of the finest individuals in their fields.

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  • Expertise


    Our Talent Managers draw on 20+ years of industry experience to match our talent to your needs.
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    Our unique subscription model has no margins or hidden fees. You simply subscribe and we bring you the talent you need.
  • Talent


    At Superstars you will be treated as an individual, not a commodity.
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    Our mentors will nurture your skills and work with you to achieve your goals.


We pledge that we will provide the best service possible for our talent and our clients, making margins and fees disappear forever


“Steve is a rare diamond in the world of recruitment.  All experiences I have had with him have been positive and rewarding. Steve and the Superstars team are wonderful and, without question, the best I have worked with in their field.” Clare, Digital Strategist
“I've used Superstars on numerous occasions when in need of hiring talented individuals for various roles and have always been happy with the results.” Stephanie, HR Director
“I have known Steve for almost five years - he's an inspiring, articulate, gifted communicator with a real passion and sensitivity for people. He is an example of how things should be in his profession.” Simon, Cloud Guru
“Steve has helped my career enormously over the past 5 years. I think I was very lucky to get him as an agent, and have recommended him to friends on many occasions.” Jeanette, Developer
“Steve's superbly connected, but most importantly, is an excellent listener and is immensely creative - a rare combination. And he just happens to be one of the nicest guys I know.” Benn, Head of Digital EMEA
“It's simple - work with Superstars and you'll a) get what you want, b) get a unique approach and service that no-one else delivers and c) enjoy the entire experience. I can't rate Superstars highly enough.” Julian, Mobile Strategist
"Superstars do things differently. The Superstars team can respond quickly to address our needs but they also work with us on an ongoing basis to plan, do and review. With Superstars we get to know who we need before we know we need them." Richard Ogley, Head of Digital, Sky
“In short, Superstars are simply excellent at what they do and a pleasure to work with. I have enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing to do so and would recommend Superstars to anyone with a need to recruit good digital team-members.” Julian, UX Guru
“You only have to spend the first 5 minutes with Steve to know why everyone loves him. A down to earth and approachable person yet ultimately professional in his conduct.” Farez, Digital Development Company
“I'd genuinely position Steve amongst the best in the business. His countless contacts and genuine passion for connecting people are what sets him apart. Steve not only knows the business... he has helped to shape the business.” Mike, Creative Director
"Thank you again for making the time to see me in London. You have a gift for making people feel special and that is a great gift to have." Sally, Digital Strategist
“The Superstars team are great to work with and know not just the digital design business in London but the people in it, and have contacts globally. If I was looking to build a design team in London, Superstars would be the first people I'd call.” Steve, EMEA VP of Product
“I recommend Superstars without hesitation. They understood what I wanted to do with my expertise, background and experiences. They are easy to talk to, considerate and excellent to work with.” Lillie, Art Director
Sue's knowledge of the business is second to none, but what makes her extra special is her ability to think laterally, creating matches and solutions for both clients and businesses that would not be evident to you or I. Over the years her advice, opinions and encouragement have helped me no end. Sue is quite simply in a different league. Martin, Brand Guardian
“Steve has consistently helped shape my career, by placing me in key positions that are right on target in terms of both skillset and overall career objectives. His keen listening abilities and proactive approach make him a real joy to do business with.” Shirer, Creative Director